Member Recognition: Winged Guardian

Member Recognition: Winged Guardian

Last month I talked about recognizing members by giving them items from the Blizzard Online Store. The responses received highlighted the exceptional qualities that guild leaders and members are keen to see in people. In conjunction with the release of the Winged Guardian yesterday, here’s what people had to say and recipients of a Winged Guardian courtesy of

Fataltouch, Veneficus Ex, The Venture Co (EU)
I’d like to nominate Fataltouch. He has been with the guild for over 2 years and has always gone above and beyond what he needs to do, always putting stuff in the guild bank, helping people out in dungeons/raids, always ready to join for an achievement, quest or battleground. He looks up raid tactics and tricks for the rest of us and posts on our forums, he looks for ways that we as a guild can improve and move forward.
He has been the recruitment officer for our guild for many months now and he keeps at it even though it’s a thankless job that involves disappointing a lot of people. He never asks for any favors or rewards.
In short, he’s dedicated, friendly, awesome and a great guy and he deserves some recognition.

Metalfingers, Fellowship of the Cave, Scarlet Crusade (US)
I would like to nominate Metalfingers of the Scarlet Crusade (US) in the guild Fellowship of the Cave. Our guild is a fairly young guild, only about a year old and Metalfingers has been with me the entire way. He has gone out of his way and done countless deeds for the guild involving anything from helping people improve their overall game to farming mats for someone who needs gear crafted to leading some spare gold for repairs. Not only that he is an excellent raider and keeps the rest of the raid motivated and hyped up wipe after wipe. He is also our guild’s main recruiter, who goes above and beyond to get new, talented raiders even though it’s almost a lost cause because of all the little guilds forming out there for the sole purpose of perks. To top this all off he does all of this as a full time university student. To sum up way I think he deserves this recognition, He is a loyal friend, a best “right hand man”, and an extraordinary officer and he, in my deepest, honest opinion, deserves the best!

I would like to nominate my GM Keeyara. She has lead our guild Since BC and has maintained her dedication to the guild and it’s members even though times have been really tough now and then. If I were in her shoes I probably would have given up long ago but she keeps coming back for more punishment. She is actually one of the reasons I came back to WoW after a year off. She is always willing to do what is necessary to help out any guild member.

Adyslo, Dunder Mifflin, Anvilmar (US)
I would have to say that if there is anyone in my guild that is deserving of this, it would be Adyslo. He has been in the guild since we first began and has been with us through thick and thin. He has a great attitude and is a great person to know, both in game and on ventrilo. He’s quiet and usually in the background on vent, keeping pretty quiet. But if something is needed or someone needs something, he is one of the first to always pop up and help out, often just after having switched toons to the one that can help and then saying “what did you need?”. He is a great player and a great person to have in my guild and for that, I feel he should be recognized.

I’d like to nominate a guildie of mine. His name is Adyslo, he’s quiet and I believe he thinks he goes unnoticed. He’s been in my guild for over 4 years, he’s fun to play with especially on those rough nights. He never puts on rantpants or rages, he goes with the flow. I’d like him to be recognized for that.

Spread the love, recognize someone in your guild for their dedication, sacrifice, charming personality, being a great player, being a great person, doing a thankless job, being motivational, and giving their time!

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