Last Minute Guild Prep for 4.3

Last minute guild prep for 4.3

With the release of 4.3 imminent and your guild about to take on Deathwing, there are a few key things you can do to help your guild be ready for all the new content.

- Recap: Now is a great time for a “State of the Guild Address” (SOGA). Talk about your guild’s successes in 4.2. Talk about what goals the guild achieved. Also talk about what goals were not achieved. Be honest about expectations for 4.3. You should also be realistic and set reasonable expectations with guild members.

- Set expectations for individual readiness: Remind guild members that they need to be prepared for 4.3, in whatever capacity that means for your guild. This could be ensuring that they have thoroughly read known boss details/strategies or that they’ve taken a week off from work to pour into chasing world firsts. Or perhaps more simply that they’ve got 10 stacks of food ready.

- Recognize: This could be part of a ‘SOGA’ or separate, either way make sure that you recognize the strengths in people. This could be a strength in skill/performance or consistency in play. This could even be recognizing 100% attendance, even if the player isn’t at the top of the skill charts. If the guild bank has it, throw in a little gold with the recognition.

- Facilitate raid discussion: On your guild forums, make a thread for each new boss. Even if your guild doesn’t want to talk about strategy before hand, you should be talking about a boss after you’ve seen it. Having a thread up centralizes where your guild members can discuss it.

- Stock the guild bank: Once 4.3 hits, prices on the auction house will go up. Its a common trend on virtually every realm. If your guild provides any kind of materials (enchanting/gems/flasks/pots/food), now is the time to buy up what you can at a cheaper price.

- Manage your officers: Make sure your officers know what they’re responsibilities are going into the patch. This may mean that your raid leader has strategies planned or at least knows basic boss mechanics. This may mean that whomever handles DKP has done whatever is required to get it ready (eg. clearing or archiving DKP). Essentially, make sure whatever you have delegated to people is still fresh in their head as their responsibility. A friendly reminder now will save annoyance or frustration later.

- Don’t stress, have fun! This is a game, your hobby, something you use to get away from the responsibilities of real life, work, family, social obligations. You should be enjoying it. Don’t make a bigger deal of things than they are.

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